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February 23, 2021

Business Caucus Results

South Dakota’s Only Open Caucus of Business Leaders


The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce conducted its annual Business Caucus last Wednesday which was held as a virtual event with nearly 100 business leaders participating from all across the state.


Business Caucus Results

Governor Noem Business Day Message

Capitol Week Podcast addresses pandemic liability, marijuana, banking

Business Caucus combines a legislative briefing on issues being debated by legislators during the 96th Legislative Session.   The Caucus provides an opportunity for attendees to vote on these same issues facing the legislature.  Full results of Business Caucus are linked to below.

Governor Noem Addresses Business Day

Governor Noem made a personal appearance to Business Day to address those who had gathered in person and the 100 or so attending virtually.

She thanked the business leaders for being active in communities and for caring about what was going on in South Dakota. 

When prompted by the host to discuss the significantly reduced new cases of COVID-19, she affirmed that trusting the people of South Dakota to take of themselves and their neighbors had shown itself to be a successful path to addressing the pandemic and again thanked the business community for being leaders in that effort.

Governor Noem acknowledged that this legislative session would have historic levels of revenue between federal transfers and continued economic activity.  She emphasized the need to put a portion of the money away in trust accounts to provide future revenue in difficult times, to reduce debt and to invest in infrastructure.

The Governor addressed the workforce housing issues facing many communities and shared a successful use of the REDI funds to facilitate a housing project in Watertown.  “The REDI fund can be a great way to help make some housing proposal viable with zero interest revolving loans” she said.


Caucus Results

Business Caucus provides valuable insights to the thoughts of the businesses represented by our participants.  It is important to note this is not a scientific survey as the participants are self-selected.  These responses are best viewed as snapshot on a specific day with a large focus group. 

May Not Represent Chamber Positions.  The Chamber Board of Directors uses many tools to establish positions on issues.  The results of Business Caucus are only one factor used by the Board in determining the official advocacy of the Chamber.  Determining positions on issues is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors.

The Chamber is proud to conduct the state’s only legislative business caucus.  While the results may not be a scientifically valid reflection of the opinions of all business people, it is a true reflection of the opinions of the men and women running the leading industries in South Dakota.

Click here to view the results of this year’s Business Caucus.



Capitol Week with David Owen Podcast

In this week's episode of Capitol Week with David Owen, David shares some survey results from the Business Caucus conducted during Business Day at the Legislature and touches on legislation regarding pandemic liability, medical marijuana implementation delays and permission for banks to engage in business with industrial hemp and marijuana licensees.


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