February 21, 2020 - Business Caucus Results

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February 21, 2020

The business community assembled in Pierre Thursday to learn about the issues facing the legislature and to have an opportunity to talk to the public servants who make the ultimate decisions on those issues. 

We are presenting the results for the 16th annual Business Caucus held during the Chamber’s Business Day at the Legislature.  During Business Caucus chamber members and guests are asked multiple choice questions and they select answers using their cell phone or tablets.  The results are then instantly displayed in a bar graph on large screens.  Click here for this year's results.

Business Caucus provides valuable insights to the thoughts of the businesses represented by those in attendance.  It is important to note this is not a scientific survey, the participants are self selected.  These responses are best viewed as a snap shot on a specific day with a large focus group. 

May Not Represent Chamber Positions.  The Chamber Board of Directors uses many tools to establish positions on issues including surveying members, conversations with associates and notes taken during tours around the state before each legislative session. The results of Business Caucus are only one factor used by the Board in determining the official advocacy of the Chamber.  Determining positions on issues is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors. 

Business Caucus focused on many of the topics being debated during this legislative session.  You will find some rather lighthearted options mixed among the answers. 

Thank you to the many communities and individuals who supported the year's Business Day.

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