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2010 Legislative Handbook
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The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be printing the 2010 Legislative Handbook during the final weeks of the year.  Our annual distribution list includes legislators, lobbyists, constitutional officers, cabinet members, and South Dakota Chamber members - all complimentary.  Additional copies are sold to local chambers of commerce and development corporations, along with hundreds of business and professional individuals from across the state.  More than 3,500 copies will be circulated during the first two weeks of the legislative session.

While the printing schedule is dictated by when final information on legislative committees, meeting schedules and office assignments becomes available, the target date for completion is January 6.  The 2010 Legislative Session begins Tuesday, January 12.
The individual price of each book is $2.75 (+ postage if mailed), quantity discounts apply.  A limited number of books are printed.  If you anticipate a need for a significant number of books, you are encouraged to pre-order and may do so by sending an email to carrelv@sdchamber.biz or by calling Carrel Vallery, Financial Secretary, at 1-800-742-8112.

This popular publication has very limited space available for new advertisers in 2010.  The convenient 4” x 6” size of our publication will remain the same as in previous years.   All ads are full-page and the rate is $290 per page.  Ads must be submitted in camera-ready or digital format (black & white) and should not exceed 3-3/16” x 5-5/16” (vertical).  Each advertiser receives 25 complimentary copies, a more than $55 value.  Additional copies may be purchased.


The final deadline to secure ad space is December 14.  Copy is due at that time also.  To reserve your space, call Mary Anne Boyd, Vice President of Program Services, at 1-877-817-8215 or email maryanneb@sdchamber.biz.  


Thank you for your support of the South Dakota Chamber.

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