South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance Prepares For January 20-21, 2010

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South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance

Prepares For January 20-21, 2010

Governor's Conference on Tourism


The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides administrative services through a contractual arrangement with the South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance (VIA).  VIA is preparing for the 2010 Governor's Conference on Tourism, set for January 20-21 in Pierre. 


Fund-raising activities include the annual luncheon Wednesday, January 20 at 11 AM.  The cost of the luncheon is $15 and pre-registration is required.  Call VIA at 605-945-2846.


VIA will be selling navy blue fleece jackets with the South Dakota script logo embroidered in red.  The jackets will only be available during the Tourism Conference.  The organization also plans to assist the South Dakota wine producers with selling bottles of wine during the Thursday evening banquet.


The VIA Board is appreciative of the strong support that conference attendees have displayed for all activities.  These fund raising events are an important part of maintaining the organization.


For more information or to register for the Governor's Conference on Tourism, visit or call 605-773-3301.  Please note:  VIA luncheon registration is separate from the conference registration.  Payment for the luncheon must be made directly to VIA, PO Box 1065, Pierre, SD  57501.


The South Dakota Visitor Industry Alliance was formed by members of the visitor industry to fill a void of representation before the legislature.  VIA was organized to create a united front and for recognition during the legislative process as "The statewide advocate for the visitor industry."


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